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PCWeenie's Guide to Home Networking

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Surviving a Home Network

This section of the site has a couple of goals. The first goal is to be a useful and straight-to-the-point guide for the average person thinking about (or in the process of) setting up a network in the average home (apartment, dorm, etc.). If that is your goal as well, you may want to skip directly to the section entitled "How Do I Create a Home Network?" below. The second goal is to be a more comprehensive explanation about what this whole networking thing is about, how it works, why it works, what it's good for, and to give an explanation of common terms. A sort of "Idiots Guide to Home Networking" if you will. Of course, if idiots could set up a home network, there wouldn't be a need for a guide. There are some networking guides on the Internet already, but most seem to assume that the reader is a computer or networking professional. Others lacked detail in some places. If your goal is to try to get a handle on the whole enchilada, you probably want to read most of the pages and visit most of the links as well.

Book Author
Craig Prall
Book About
This book covers basic and advanced topics of planning, installing, managing and troubleshooting a home network. It would also be applicable to many small business networks.